For our team we are seeking for enterprising and ambitious people who want to grow and improve professionally.


In our network you will always have opportunities for development and career growth, will get the opportunity to earn according to your skills.


Today we have the following vacancy:

Bistro administrator, chef cook, assistant cook, waiter, barmen, cashier, accountant assistant.


If you do not find the desired job for yourself on your site, please send us your CV by e-mail - we consider it and call you, or add it to our talent pool.

No wonder it is called the "first gastronomic stop city" because the establishment is just a few meters from the main railway station. This place is ideal for those who expect a train. You can arrange a business meeting and enjoy delicious Galician and European cuisine.


Budzzini - the first salad bar in Lviv, where you can make your own salad that you like. Begins with three basic ingredients, and then choose to further their own taste and natural sauce. All are favorite ingredients to flow.


Gazda cafe – стильний та затишний цілодобовий заклад в центрі міста. Тут Ви можете скуштувати смачні бургери, піцу та справжнє крафтове пиво. Найфотогенічніші стіни та найпривітніший персонал з чудовим почуттям гумору вже чекають на Вас.