The first gastronomical Lviv stop!

Lviv train


Cafe Bistro "Lviv train" - the first gastronomic stop in Lviv

The atmosphere in bistro will remind you a cozy wagon in the train, the tables are made of wood, there are comfortable sofas. Here we even serve pizza on specially made boards.

Our bistro is called "the first gastronomic stop in Lviv", because the bistro is a few meters from the Main Lviv Train Station and offers its guests get acquainted with the delicious and genuine Galician cuisine, try the authentic dishes such as the banosh and gruel. So, already a few meters away from the station you will be able to begin a gastronomic tour of Western Ukraine.


Comfortable in all


Its will be interesting for our guests to see the interior of the bistro, which tell a lot about the history of Lviv railway, about its glorious days. Comfortable sofas, powerful air conditioning, friendly staff, free wifi and the ability to recharge mobile gadgets provide extra comfort at a European level.

This place is ideal for those who have just arrived in the city and want to relax after a long journey and plan your route on. You can take a variety of tourist maps, or consult with the staff, what to visit in the city at first.

This is a good place for those who expect a train. You can also arrange a business meeting and have some negotiations with partners, to take food with them or just relax in comfort away from the hustle and bustle of the station.


Quickly and original


For those who are in a hurry, " where is a distribution line in the cafe-bistro "Lviv train, where customers will be able to see and choose dishes they like. We support the Ukrainian producers and farmers, all the food is prepared from natural quality products. Our main goal - to acquaint visitors with this Galician cuisine. Here you can order kulish, roast, several different kinds of pancakes, try quadrupeds Lviv cheesecake or waffles "andruty" and many other tasty dishes. Besides the dishes on the distribution lines we have? certain, specialty menu with a wide selection of dishes to order, which will prepare for you in 15 minutes. Its will be stylized and special. If you order banosh or kulish – its will be served in the pot from the oven, roast or Galician meat dishes - in a pan. Pizza we will bring you to the original wooden stand in the train style.

We work 24 hours, we have a food delivery in any corner of the city, also meals can be taken with you, for example, on a train. And if you want, you can come and taste delicious beer or homemade brandy and watch football on large screens.