Salad Makarone (pasta color, lettuce, ham veal, tomato, black olives, quail eggs, red onion, parmesan cheese, arugula, sauce Caesar) 300g 49.00 UAH

Caesar with chicken (lettuce, arugula, quail eggs, grilled chicken, tomato, cherry tomatoes, parmesan cheese, croutons, pine nuts, sauce Caesar) 250g 59.00 UAH
good with MountainWhite (Dragon'sBack)

Vehetariano salad (lettuce, beets, carrots, grilled zucchini, artichokes, herbs, vurda cheese, budz cheese, almond flakes) 330g 69.00 UAH

Budz Greek (lettuce, tomato, cucumber, pepper, feta cheese, cheese budz, green and black olives, onions, red w, arugula, parsley, pumpkin seeds, olive sauce)

good with SauvignonBlanc (Cartaval) 300g 69.00 UAH

Viladzhio salad (lettuce, grilled zucchini, grilled eggplant, grilled pepper, tomato, feta cheese, parmesan cheese, pine nuts, pesto) 300g 69.00 UAH

Caesar with salmon (lettuce, arugula, quail egg, salmon, tomato, cherry tomatoes, croutons, parmesan cheese, sauce Caesar)  good with Blanco (DonSimon) 250 79.00 UAH

Diablo Salad (lettuce, piknytsya sausage, pastrami, sun dried tomatoes, eggs, chicken, grilled vegetables ( on your choice), tomatoes, arugula, almond flakes, pesto) 300g 85.00 UAH

Ocean salmon salad (lettuce, arugula, salmon, tomato, mussels, pepper, quail egg, feta cheese, lemon sauce, tobiko souce) good with TerrasdeAlleuWhite (VilaReal) 300g 89.00 UAH

Ocean salad with tunny (lettuce, arugula, tuna, tomatoes, mussels, pepper, quail egg, feta cheese, lemon sauce, tobiko souce) 300g 89.00 UAH

Spanish salad (lettuce, prosciutto, ham, grilled eggplant, cheese vurda, tomato, pepper, almond flakes, Milanese sauce) 300g 89.00 UAH
good with MountainRed (Draqon'sBack)

Mixed salad with artichokes (lettuce, arugula, quail eggs, artichokes, tomatoes, sun-dried tomatoes, croutons, pine nuts, parmesan cheese, pesto souce) 260g 89.00 UAH

Tun salad (lettuce, arugula, tuna, cherry tomato, tomato, grilled eggplant, grilled pepper, quail egg, lemon, sesame seeds, olive sauce) 300g 89.00 UAH



Pasta Bolognese (minced meat, red sauce, parmesan cheese, arugula) 330g 65.00 UAH
Good with Cabernet Sauvignon (Cartaval)

Pasta Baskayola (mushroom sauce, grilled chicken breast, parmesan cheese, arugula) 350g 55.00 UAH

Pasta Budzzini meat (shponder, loin, parmesan cheese, red sauce, arugula)
смакує з Tinto (Don Simon) Good with Tinto (Don Simon)

Pasta Budzzini pesto (pepper, tomato, zucchini, parmesan cheese, arugula, pesto sauce, red) 350g 55.00 UAH

Pasta Carbonara (loin, parmesan cheese, fried onions, egg, arugula, garlic sauce) Good with Terras de Alleu Red (Vila Real) 350g 89, 00 UAH

Ocean paste (red sauce, sauce Tabasco, shrimp, Parmesan cheese, basil, coconut cream) 350g 89.00 UAH

Ravioli with cheese 300g 59.00 UAH

Optionally kraft cheese for pasta: Budz, vurda cheese.



Croissant with chicken (Milanese sauce, olive sauce, lettuce, tomato, grilled chicken fillet, pickled cucumber, cheese, red onion) 270g 35.00 UAH

Croissant with ham (Milanese sauce, olive sauce, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, ham, veal, cheese) 270g 35.00 UAH

Croissant Diablo (Milan sauce, lettuce, tomato, sausage piknytsya, pepper, pepperoni, cheese) 250g 39.00 UAH

Croissant with prosciutto (sauce, cheese, pesto, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, prosciutto, cheese) 270g 45.00 UAH

Croissant with tuna (pesto sauce, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, tuna) 230g 39.00 UAH

Croissant with salmon (tobiko sauce, lettuce, tomato, salmon, cucumber) 235g 45.00 UAH


For lunch

Chicken broth with noodles 300g 29.00 UAH

Mushroom cream soup 300g 39,00 UAH

Pumpkin cream-soup 300g 35.00 UAH

French fries 180/30 g 19,00 UAH



Pizza Margherita (Mozzarella, tomatoes, parmesan cheese, arugula) 400g 49.00 UAH

Pizza Solemio (Salami, mozzarella, tomato, olives, arugula) 430g 75.00 UAH

Budzini Super Cheese Pizza (Mozzarella cheese, dorblu cheesem, budz cheese, vurda cheese, parmesan cheese, arugula, capers) 400g 77.00 UAH

Pizza Budzini white (Cheese sauce, mozzarella, cheese, Budz cheese, tomato, loin, ham, olives, cheese vurda, tomato, arugula) 470g 87.00 UAH

Pizza Kaprychoza (Mozzarella, pineapple, chicken fillet, corn, tomato, arugula) 430g 79.00 UAH

Pizza Karnirosa (Mozzarella, tomatoes, pastrami, olives, boiled-smoked beef, arugula) 430g 87.00 UAH

Pepperoni Pizza (Mozzarella, salami, tomato, pepperoni peppers, arugula, pepper) 450g 79.00 UAH

Pizza Primavera (Mozzarella, ham, loin, tomato, artichoke, arugula) 450g 89.00 UAH

Pizza Marinara with tuna (Spinach sauce, mozzarella, tomatoes, mussels, tuna, olives, lemon, arugula) 450g 99.00 UAH

Pizza Marinara with salmon (salmon, mozzarella, olives, mussels, Spinach sauce, lemon, tomato, arugula) 450g 99.00 UAH

Pizza Calzone with prosciutto (Mozzarella, prosciutto, sun dried tomatoes) 350g 69.00 UAH

Cheese Calzone Pizza with artichokes (cheese sauce, mozzarella cheese vurda, artichokes) 350g 69.00 UAH



Alcoholic drinks                               

GIN Gordon's      50ml    45.00     UAH     

Tequila Jose Cuervo Especial Silver            50ml   45.00 UAH

Ice Cold Shot Jägermeister          50ml      40.00     UAH

Liqueur Baileys The Original        50ml      55.00 UAH

Liqueur Sambuca Antica Clаssic 50ml          30.00 UAH


Beer Stella Artois     330/500ml  23.00/25.00        UAH     

Beer "Chernihivske" white          330/500ml         18,00/20,00 UAH



Vodka ”Rada”    50ml      22.00 UAH

Vodka «Persha Gildia Znatna" 50ml         17,00 UAH

Vodka «Persha Gildia Povazcna"   50ml    17,00 UAH

Vodka "Khlibnyi Dar" classic        50ml      15,00 UAH

Vodka "Khlibnyi Dar" on sprouted grain 50ml  15,00 UAH


Sparkling Italy

Lambrusco Bianco Frizzante (Maranello), white semi-sweet  750ml 188.00 UAH

Lambrusco Rosso Frizzante (Maranello), red  semi-sweet 750ml 188.00 UAH

Fragolino Frizzante (Maranello), red sweet 750ml 195.00 UAH

Marengo Vermouth sweet          100ml    20.00 UAH


White wine


Tinto (Don Simon) dry 100ml 25,00 UAH


Terras de Ajleu Red (Vila Real) semi-dry 100ml 30,00 UAH


Cabernet Sauvignon (Cartaval) dry 100ml 25,00 UAH

Republic of South Africa

Mountain Red (Dragon's Back) semi-sweet  100ml 35,00 UAH


Red wine


Tinto (Don Simon) dry 100ml 25,00 UAH


Terras de Ajleu Red (Vila Real) semi dry 100ml 30,00 UAH


Cabernet Sauvignon (Cartaval) dry 100ml 25,00 UAH

Republic of South Africa

Mountain Red (Dragon's Back) semi-sweet 100ml 35,00



Johnnie Walker Red Label            50ml   60.00 UAH

Bell's Original    50ml      35,00 UAH

American whiskey         

Bulleit Bourbon  50ml    80.00 UAH

Irish whisky

Bushmills            50ml      60.00 UAH



Brandy Metaxa 5*           50ml      40.00 UAH

Brandy Metaxa Honey  50ml      40.00 UAH

Brandy St-Rémy VSOP   50ml      35.00 UAH



Cognac Koblevo 5*         50ml      27.00 UAH

Cognac Zakarpatskii        50ml      29.00 UAH



Captain Morgan Original Spiced Gold  Rum  50ml             45.00 UAH

Captain Morgan Jamaica Rum    50ml      50.00 UAH



Soft drinks

BonAcva 330      15.00ml

Cola, Fanta, Sprite           250ml    15.00 UAH

Juice «Rich» in stock 250 ml        17.00     UAH


Fresh carrot juice   200ml             25,00 UAH

Fresh apple juice             200ml    25.00 UAH

Fresh orange juice           200ml    42.00 UAH

Fresh grapefruit juice     200ml    45.00 UAH




Tea with mint and cranberries   600ml    39.00 UAH

Buckthorn tea   600ml    39.00 UAH

Ginger tea          600ml    39.00 UAH

Tea        600ml    25.00 UAH

Tea bags              200ml    17.00 UAH



Espresso 150ml 17.00 UAH

Americano         150ml    17.00 UAH

Americano with milk 150ml         19.00 UAH

Cappuccino        150ml    21.00 UAH

Latte     200ml    24.00 UAH

Coffee Glisse     150ml    20.00 UAH

Hot Chocolate   100ml    25.00 UAH

Cacao    250ml    19.00 UAH

Milk-shake 300ml 27.00 UAH


Own production's drinks 

morse lemon-mint          200ml    16.00 UAH

morse orange-mint 200 ml 19.00 UAH

morse cranberries           200 ml  18.00 UAH

morse raspberry-mint   200ml    20.00 UAH

morse currant   200ml    23.00 UAH

morse blueberries with vanilla   200ml    19.00 UAH