The first gastronomical Lviv stop!



Mix your own salad!

Budzzini - this is the first salad bar in Lviv, here you can make a salad, which you like. You start with three basic ingredients - iceberg lettuce, arugula, tomatoes. And then choose the additional ingredients from more than 30 different according to your taste and add the sauce, which you also can to choose. Mix the ingredients for your pleasure!

All the ingredients for salads, pizzas and croissants are presented on the line - there are many different sorts of meats, fish, vegetables, cheeses, herbs, and even nuts. If you are not sure what do you want to try, our waiters will offer you brand mixed salad, which will be prepared right in front of you. In our salad bar, you have complete control over the process of preparing your salad.

Crafting cheeses meadows

Another opportunity – it’s to try crafting cheeses, the natural and original farmer Carpathian cheeses - such as Budz and Woerden. Perhaps few people know that Budz - a young sheep cheese comes from the Hutsul region. Traditionally it gave in the valleys, giving the shape of a ball, sometimes also prepared from cow's milk. Budz has a light sweet taste, ideal for salads with fresh vegetables and herbs. You can find it in many dishes of our establishment. You can also try this cheese in a variety of salads, pizzas or pastas, but also you can buy it for yourself or as a gift, returning from the city. By the way, we have brought this cheese from the village of Kosovo, Ivano-Frankivsk region.

Legend of Budzzini

There is a legend about the Italian men who loved Carpathian cheeses (Budz, Woerden cheese). According to the legend, he brought them to Italy and prepare dishes with this cheeses. So in his homeland he was given the nickname Budzzini. Now the owners are looking for the archives to confirm this legend. But, in our Budzzini salad bar can touch the history and even taste it.

Delicious souvenirs from Lviv

In your bar you will find Budz with herbs, spices and other tasty additions. You can also purchase delicious homemade brandy and natural Carpathian teas here. Several years ago we can have brought from Lviv only coffee and chocolate, but now the range of tasty souvenirs is bigger - the original homemade cheeses, liqueurs and teas that you can buy in our Budzzini salad bar.

Not only salad, but a big menu of European - Italian cuisine

In our salad bar we combine original Italian taste and Carpathian traditions. Here you can enjoy not only a salad, but also many original pizza, try a variety of pasta, try the succulent steaks. We also have a large croissant with meat or fish, vegetarian and sweet. We also offer homemade fruit drinks and soft drinks, bake cakes and desserts. All this you can try in our large cozy room with a beautiful and bright interior or take it with yourself - we will pack it well.