• The first gastronomical Lviv stop!

    Bistro "Lviv Train" offers fast and high quality food.
    It supports Ukrainian product, all the food is prepared with natural quality products.

  • Budzzini - the first salad bar in Lviv,
    here you can make your own salad that you like.


Today Gazda Group is a network of food restaurants, which started its operations with opening of conceptual salad bar «Budzzini» and bistro "Lviv train."


Salad bar «Budzzini» and bistro "Lviv Train" is located 100 meters from the main train station in Lviv. We opened it to break the stereotype that on the railway station there cannot be stylish, conceptual cafe with an excellent service. Every one of our cafes has its own brand and the unique style - they are designed to represented the best of a gastronomic and cultural history of the city, our country.


Cafe Bistro "Lviv Train" - a traditional Ukrainian Galician cuisine with tales about the glorious times of the Lviv Railway - one of the first railways in Europe. Salad bar «Budzzini» - presents the unique taste of the Carpathian cheeses with the traditions and flavors of Italian cuisine. Everything is in this style - interiors of cafe and dishes from menu.


A lot of attention we pay to service issues, quality and fast service, our staff have perfect knowledge of the menu range, we bay only high-quality products for our ristorantes. We work only with the best and proven Ukrainian suppliers and farmers.

 Every day we work to make your visit comfortable and menu delicious!


Start your journey with a bistro "Lviv train" - the first gastronomic stop in Lviv!

No wonder it is called the "first gastronomic stop city" because the establishment is just a few meters from the main railway station. This place is ideal for those who expect a train. You can arrange a business meeting and enjoy delicious Galician and European cuisine.


Budzzini - the first salad bar in Lviv, where you can make your own salad that you like. Begins with three basic ingredients, and then choose to further their own taste and natural sauce. All are favorite ingredients to flow.